Easy Clothes Rack for My Dresser

Introduction: Easy Clothes Rack for My Dresser

This is a clothes rack I wanted to add to the old dresser I am currently using. As I rescued it from the fire pit, a little modification was not going to hurt it, in fact, it is exactally what I needed to clean up the house.

for this project you need

something for a base - I chose a 2x2 because it needed to be small
something to hang clothes on - I found some large screws in the garage, i thought they looked neat
a saw of some kind to cut the wood - i used a chop saw
a way to attach the hangers - mine was a drill
a can of paint to make it look pretty

the woodshop at TechShop should has more than enough resouces for a simple project like this.


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Step 1: Gather Up the Materials

I found a 2x2 laying in the garage taking up space, so i figured it was a good piece to start with, I then looked through the drawers in the toolbox to find some matching screws.

I found 3 that matched, I knew that the rack didnt need to be that long, as it was a shallow dresser, and I only needed to hang a few things.

Step 2: Build and Paint It

Once the pieces were cut, I measured out even spacing for the 3 long screws. and CAREFULLY screwed them in slowly, trying not to crack the board.

once they were put in, I shot it with some black paint so it dosent stick out too much.

Step 3: Assembly

Once it was dry, I took it downstairs to the dresser. I figured if i put it near the top, my clothes would stay off the ground, so I put it right up to the top and screwed it in from the bottom.

I was going to screw it in from the inside of the dresser, but the drawers are not removable.

Now it looks decent, and my space is a little less cluttered.

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