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This bag is inspired by a bag I saw at my local craft story. When I got home I immediately searched my big crocheting hook and my t-shirt yarn and started crocheting!

This project is really easy, if you have never crochet before this may just be that first time!

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Step 1: Materials

To make one bag you will need the following:

- T-shirt yarn, store bought or homemade
- crocheting needle, mine was 10.00 mm
- scissors

Step 2: The First Row

Start by making a slip stitch. How to make this is shown in the first five pictures. After that, we will start with the first row: 30 chains (If you want to make a bigger bag, make more chains, if you want a smaller bag make less chains)

Wrap your crochet hook around the yarn as shown and pull it through the loop.

Step 3: Make It Round

Since we'll be working in circles for this project, you need to join the end and the beginning of your chain to make a circle. Put your crochet hook through the first loop and wrap the yarn around the crochet hook. Then, pull your crochet hook through the first and the last loop to join them.

Step 4: Let the Crocheting Begin

So, now you have your first round, your base. To make the rest of the bag you'll need to make single crochets (American) or double crochets (English). Put your crochet hook through the next loop, wrap the yarn around it, pull it back, wrap the yarn around it again and pull it through both loops. Once you've got this, just keep crocheting!

Just notice that when you have finished the first row of single/double crochets, from there on there are two loops the crochet hook should go through, the complete 'V'.

Step 5: Reached That Height

When you have reached the height you want your bag to be, stop crocheting. With a paperclip you can mark where your row ends (right above the beginning). When you are one loop away from the paperclip, remove it. In the loop where the paperclip was we will start making the strap. Put your crochet hook through, make a loop and pull it back, but instead of making a new loop we will pull this loop through the other loop.

Now you just have to keep making chains until your strap is long enough, probably around 100 chains. When you have finished the strap, put your crochet needle through the loop straight across the loop where you started making the strap. Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull the hook back through the bag. Cut off the yarn, leaving a very long tail to work away and finish the bottom of the bag. Pull the remaining yarn through the loop that's still on your crochet hook and pull it very, very tight.

*NOTE* When you measure if the length of the strap is alright, keep in mind that this t-shirt yarn is a bit elastic so the bag will hang a bit lower, especially when there is stuff in it, so you can better make it a bit shorter.

Step 6: The Bottom of the Bag

Put the long tail of yarn in the bag. Fold the bag in half the way it will be when finished. Somewhere in the middle, put through your crocheting needle from the outside and let it go up again, taking the yarn with it.

Put your crocheting needle through the bag again, this time from the inside, and let the tail go back to the inside.

Make it come out at the bottom corner of your bag. Finish the bag by weaving through the yarn as shown. When you're done with that, make a knot and pull it tight. Hide the ends inside the bag.

Step 7: Done!

And that's it!

I hope you liked this project and found it useful :)

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    I'm making it right now!! but I'm doing it with thin yarn

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! Great job on the documentation. I recently started crocheting again and enjoy it a lot.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    So nice! I have a passion for crocheting using thick yarn right now and this makes me want to try it even more! I wish I had a big crochet hook...

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