Easy Crochet Key Holder

Introduction: Easy Crochet Key Holder

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I've lost two USB keys in my school, and I can assure you it's not a big school.... So I decided to do a key holder personalized with one of my nicknames (Mo), so it's known whos is :D

crochet 4 mm
little zipper
thin string

Step 1:

ch = chain
sc = single crochet

Crochet 15 ch (or as long as you need it).
sc in every ch
make 3 sc in the last chain and go on crocheting under the chain (see diagram)
make 2 sc in the last chain.

Work in continous spirals until you reach the desired heigh. Change colours as you like.

Crochet the last round in back loop only. Leave a long tail to sew the zipper.

Step 2: The Strings

Now in the inner part of the holder, thread a string 8 cm long. At this, you'll attach the USB key.

I've also used a clip to attach the coffee machine key, so I can untie this key even when I'm using the USB key connected to the PC.

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