Easy Display and Organization Craft

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Intro: Easy Display and Organization Craft

It's an easy craft to organize your simple notes,jewellery or anything you love to display...for this you need:

1.An wire from calender

2.Tape [you can use washi tape]

3.Old bangles [12 in number]


5.Nail polish [optional]

Step 1: Organize the Bangles Like This

You'll need 12 bangles of same size..don't worry of colours

Step 2: Use Nail Polish to Color Them

If your bangles are of different colors like mine,you can paint them by acrylic paint or by spray paint or use nailpolish...as my tape is red so i am using red color

Step 3: Color Them All

Now give some time for drying

Step 4: Cut Your Tape

Cut you tape 1" long

Step 5: Tape Them All

Now join one with another as i have shown in the picture and tape them with the calender wire

Step 6: Decorate !

now hang it on the wall and display your favourite things !



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