Easy Diy Controller With Arduino Uno or Micro

Introduction: Easy Diy Controller With Arduino Uno or Micro

As any gamer would know, controllers are expensive, around 60$.

I had a arduino micro so I decided to make a xbox/playstation style dual analog controller.

The code can be found HERE


Arduino micro or uno

2 x analog thumbsticks

15 x buttons

proto board and soldering equipment

Step 1: Make It

Code- download the code from here

Unojoy is for those who have Arduino uno, and leojoy will work with an arduino micro, or an arduino Leornado

In the code, you have to remove a few comment line at the bottom. These lines control the joystick motion. Defaultly it will say 'Right..... = 128' or so. Change the '128' value to the commented part of 'AnalogRead.....' Look at the pictures for more help.

The top part of the code will show button pinouts. These will be normally open. To activate them, the button will connect that pin to ground.

Don't forget to upload this code

Wire it up on to a proto board only after you try it on a breadboard


Get as creative as you want with this one. make one from wood, mould it, what ever.

Step 2: Conclusion

This is a build that I did for fun. Before I could make a case for it, I was gifted a xbox one controller for pc. Although I left it because of getting a controller doesn't mean it has no potential.

You could easily modifyy the code to suit your needs, and make a custom controller for custom applications outside of gaming for example - simulation.

It was fun to at least experiment with the idea, and I got to learn more about Arduino and their capabilities.



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    3 Discussions

    This acts like a generic usb joystick. I don't know if the ps4 accepts any generic joystick, the pc does. if you do prototype this, than please let me know if it knows. Perhaps If you have a generic joystick, then try that. If you have a ps4, then use its controller, the point of this is to increase the no of keys compared to a regular joystick. The pc allows more key bindings, I don't think the ps4 allows this as they want you to use their controller. Any way try it.

    it works on PS4 games like Mortal Kombat and SkullGirls, the ones with the labzero ps3 drivers, USF4 will also support ps3 controllers, This works perfectly with ps3 and pc and some fighting ps4 games