Easy Fast Lightboard Animation




Introduction: Easy Fast Lightboard Animation

About: i make animationand play tennis.

this will teach you how to make easy animation for small or no price.

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Step 1: Whatchya Need

1) glass cassoral tray or glass sheet
2) some light source (christmas tree light, flash lights, etc.)
3) paper, lots of paper (depends on how long the animation is)
4) digital camera (need to hook up to the computer)
5) pencil, pen

it doesn't have to be these exact materials, you can change some of them if they work the same.

Step 2: Make the Tray Glow

put the lights under the cassoral dish so that the top is lit up and so it you put a drawing on it and then another piece of paper on top you could trace it.

Step 3: Start the Animation

decided what animation you are going to make and draw it on the piece of paper, then put the paper on the top of the cassaroll dish and put another piece of paper on top of it and semi trace the picture but move the object a little. do this alot and then take a picture of each one. then transfer them into windows movie maker and make each third to shortest lenght or however fast you want it to go.once you do this youve got a animation.

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    4 Discussions


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, a couple of suggestions:
    -Fix the camera position, focus and exposure to avoid shaking and flickering
    -Fix the position of the paper
    -crop images to paper area

    Also, there is
    http://ktoon.toonka.com which slowly but surely turns into a usable animation tool (similar to flash). It is still in the works but works fine for frame by frame doodles.
    Then there is Synfig, which is a free, feature rich and working animation programm.
    Hope this helps ;-)
    For stopmotion check out http://giantscreamingrobotmonkeys.com


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is not bad. It seems to be a couple instructables in one. The title instructable is not well represented so it should probably be trimmed and renamed Light table on the cheap or some such and then redone with more about the process of drawing the animation. I have wanted a light table for a while but I never thought of using a casserole dish with crismas lights. Cool beans.