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If you are learning any musical instrument and you are begening to learn intervals this 3-octaves piano will be very usefull, so, let's get started!

Step 1: What Will You Need

These materials:
-White foamy
-Black foamy
-Glue stick

Step 2: Measure the Foamy

You can make a piano of one octave, two, three or watever you want; it depends in the size of the whit foamy, for a three octave piano use a 28cm by 28 cm piece of foamy.

Step 3: Cut the White Part

Cut through the lines that you have drawn

Step 4: Math

if your piano is of 3 octaves:
28 divided 4 equals 7
the black notes should have 7mm of  wide.

Step 5:

Cut the black notes

Step 6: Stick

stick the black notes over the white part, in this patron:

Step 7: Done!

Done! now you can practice the intervals in your little foamy piano.



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