Easy Homemade Peanut Butter.





Introduction: Easy Homemade Peanut Butter.

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Peanut butter is expensive. Who am I to spend 4 dollars for a generic jar of this wonderful food treat? NO MORE! I have decided to make it myself and post it here. For the world to see. Enjoy.

Step 1: WARNING....DUH


Step 2: Peanut Gathering......sorta

Working around the restaurant industry has certain perks. I work for a gas company and drive around in a CO2 truck filling the tanks so the sodas are not flat. Sometimes I am their best friend but sometimes I am just the guy making noise behind the store. Sometimes they give me stuff. Sodas, food stuffs, PEANUTS BY THE 5 POUND SACK! Yeah baby, perks of the job.

Step 3: Shelling....ouch

This is the hardest portion of the ible. I can sit here and eat peanuts for a couple of hours. No issues there. But to try shelling them and just dropping the nuts in a measuring cup? Holy crap was that tiring. Especially when I had to skin them as well. I managed to get three cups worth and that filled my 1 quart Mason jar. My efforts would soon be rewarded.

Step 4: Other Ingredients.....both of Them

Honey and canola oil. That is all. 1 TBSP per cup of nuts. Easy Peasy. I need to add this little nugget. The peanuts were salted when I got them so I did not use salt in my recipe.

Step 5: Creation....antique Style

Look at this food processor. Is it old enough for ya? It is from a time when spandex and neon bandannas were all the rage. Ozone and Turbo would be proud. Breakin reference there. let the peanuts go for a few minutes on high. I had to remove the plunger and use a wooden spoon to ensure full processing. Then add the other two ingredients. The ratio is simple here. 1 TBSP of oil and honey to 1 cup peanuts. I had 3 cups of peanuts so I used 3 TBSP each oil and honey. Set it back to high and let it go until it reaches your desired consistency. 

Step 6: Packaging....WTH

You may remember that my jar was full when I started. Let me remind you with a picture. When completed I had only half of the jar full. Oh well. 6 cups peanuts plus 6 TBSP oil and honey and you might just fill that quart jar. Enjoy on crackers or waffles. My personal favorite is on hot toast. Happy snacking.



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    Cool! And thank you for carbonating my soda lol