Easy Knitted Leg Warmers, Wrist Warmers and Cap




In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make this set of matching accessories to keep you warm.

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Step 1: The Things You Will Need:

Yarn, obviously, and knitting needles,the ones with the string in between.

I'm using wild wild wool from rico design in color number 015 and knitting needles with 8mm in diameter, I guess that's size 11 in the US.

Two skeins of yarn (200g) should be enough.

Step 2: Casting On

I'm starting with the cap, first I cast on five stitches.

I tried to show the process of casting on in the pictures, but if it's not clear enough, it's shown in this Video from watchknitting.

Step 3: The First Round

The first round is a bit tricky, you have to distribute the stitches as shown in the picture and then double all the stitches. You can do this as shown here or by working on the front and back part of a stitch. When you're done knitting the first two stitches you'll have to rearrange the stitches on the needles, and so on. When you finished the round use a little loop of yarn in a different color to mark the beginning of the round.

Step 4: Adding Rounds

In the continuing rounds you have to add five stitches each, do that regularly to achieve the flower like shape of the hat.

That means in the second round you double every second stitch in the third round every third and so on, the rest of the stitches are knitted withe the knit stitch, use markers to help you out.

I stopped at 23 rounds, you could make it bigger if you want.

Step 5: Decreasing Stitches

When you reached your desired size you have to start decreasing stitches, do that by just knitting two stitches together as one. Be sure to decrease fife stitches each round.

I found that, in order to fit an average head you should decrease stitches for about the number of rounds you increased minus 13, in my case 10 rounds.

Step 6: The Edge

Now just knit a few rounds for the edge without increasing or decreasing anything. I did six rounds with one purl stitch and one knit stitch alternating.

To finish the hat you have to cast off, be sure not to do it to firm.

Step 7: Cap Finished!

And here you have your cap finished, just hide the ends of the yarn in the fabric and it's ready to wear.

Be sure to subscribe to watchknittings youtube channel to watch her amazingly simple tutorials.

Step 8: The Leg Warmers

To make the leg warmers cast on 36 stitches and knit four rounds with 2 purl stitches and two knit stitches alternating. Then knit two rows beginning with one knit stitch and then alternating 2 purl stitches and two knit stitches, then two rows beginning with two knit stitch and then alternating 2 purl stitches and two knit stitches, continue this pattern until you have your desired length then knit four rounds with 2 purl stitches and two knit stitches alternating and cast off.

The pattern should look like this (o = purl stitch; x = knit stitch):


Step 9: The Wrist Warmers

The wrist warmers have the same pattern as the leg warmers, but for them you only cast on 24 stitches.

For the thumb hole you just flip your work over at the end of the sixth round, knit back one round, flip over again , knit back, flip over,knit back, flip over and then continue knitting like before.

Step 10: Happy Knitting!

I hope i managed to explain all steps comprehensible, if you have any questions, just ask, I'll do my verry best to answer.

Have fun!

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I was confused by the first instructions after casting on. So you cast on 5 times and then you increase the stitches, but I'm not sure what doubling means and I looked at the video provided and it didn't come out the right way. I was probably doing it wrong, but is there an actual tutorial video on how to do this particular hat?

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    this looks like a kfb increase

    here is a youtube video about kfb increase


    Reply 3 years ago

    that's what I was trying to explain. Thank you, I didn't know the
    name for it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Doubling means you knit every stitch twice, like increasing stitches on every stitch that you have cast on.
    Unfortunately there is no video tutorial for this hat, the videos that I have linked in only show the knitting skills needed for the pieces.
    If you have any other problems with the instructions, feel free to ask.

    Well, being the one who got these things as a present by her best friend, I can tell you they do not only look that good, cosy, fluffy and warm but in fact really are!!!
    And I like the instructable as well, by the way. If I ever loose any of these items or wear them out, I'll be able to make a new one myself. Yay!!! :)
    (If Nelimare doesn't do that for me, of course :D)