Easy Laser Security System

About: My name is senith udara. I am a Sri Lankan boy.I love electronic lots.And I want to do something new.

Intro: Easy Laser Security System

This is a less cost and easy laser security system.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

This is very easy laser security system.to built this we need ,
100ohms , 6.8k resisters
2n 7000 transistor
3v buzzer
9v battery
Small switch
Laser pointer
PCB board
Pen grip

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Step 3: Place the Circuit

LDR is the main part of this circuit. Cover the LDR with the pen grip , because when other lights appear to the LDR it is not working good.When the switch on the LED is glowing and buzzer is working. When the laser's light appear to covered LDR the LED and buzzer is stop working. And something go through the laser's light the LED and the buzzer is working.



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    2 years ago

    code and method connect please