Easy Lemonade Slush From Scratch at Home

Introduction: Easy Lemonade Slush From Scratch at Home


In North America, Australia, Certain European & African Countries, India , Pakistan and most Asian Countries lemonade is usually made from lemon juice, water, and sugar or Honey and is often home-made as well at Juice-Shops as, 'Fresh Lime'.


Frozen uncarbonated beverages are made by freezing a non-carbonated juice or other liquid. Machines for producing these do not require a pressure chamber, and so are much cheaper and easier to maintain.

Slush is made by a mixture of sugar and water. To prevent the mixture from freezing solid there must be between 12% - 22% of sugar present in thesolution. The sugar acts as an anti-freeze in the solution. The slush machine stirs or rotates the mixture at a constant speed so that the sugar and water molecules bond together before the water gets a chance to freeze. In this way a soft wet slurry mixture is formed.

Today i will show you how to make slush with out any machine.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Serves two people

  • 4.5 table spoons fresh squeezed lemon juice.
  • 7 table spoons full sugar.
  • pinch salt
  • pinch black pepper
  • 3 glasses of water ( 225ml each)
  • handful fresh mint leaves
  • two ice cube trays

Step 2: Step 1

  • mix all the ingredients except mint and water.
  • now add only ONE glass of water.
  • mix well

Step 3: Extracting Mint Colour and Flavour

blend mint leave in one glass of water. i used a hand blender.

Step 4: Add the Mint Flavour

strain the mint mixture adding it into the step 1's sugar/lemon/salt pepper/water mixture.

now you have incorporated 2 glasses of water. so now add the third water glass. mix all

Step 5: Freeze

using two ice cube trays. freeze juice. ( you need to freeze your juice according to your serving glass size. mine were small so i only used one tray per serving. thus i had more juice for refilling)

refrigerate the remaining juice.

Step 6: Tip

once your ice cubes freeze. using your pestle break the ice cubes into small shaved ice and place it back in the freezer.

Step 7: Serve

once you decide to serve, scoop out your juice ice from freezer and serve inside your serving glasses.

top it with the juice ( chilled)

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    This looks delicious! Freezing the lemonade ice cubes is a such a great idea, it definitely makes the flavor last longer!