Easy Method of Square by SBTopzzz

To find square of 26

You need to know square of its previous number

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Step 1:

To know square of 26
First always add the question (26square?) with its previous no.
Therefore, 25+26=51

Step 2: Do It

So the answer 51,
We need 26, you take its previous number.
Know it's square.
Therefore, 25+26=51.
Now add it to the square of 26's previous number.
That is 25square+51=26square
That's it!

Hope you like it

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    8 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Brilliant and easy to understand, you have the makings of a math tutor. Thank you.

    1 reply
    Jeph Diel

    4 years ago

    very cool, but I wanted to tell you that you mis-titled this. This would be a method of finding squares, not square roots. squares are as you show 26^2 (26*26)but square roots would be ___
    if that doesn't show up right, then square roots are what number squared equals this number, not what is this number squared.

    1 reply