Easy Molding Flowers for Show Case (Glitter and Glow)

Introduction: Easy Molding Flowers for Show Case (Glitter and Glow)

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

On thinking of making mold the first thing come in to my mid is the clay. So i bought clay from shop and try with that the one i purchase first is high quality when i pore hot gun glue it also melts. So I try it with low quality normal clay its working fine. When add Glitter with glow it makes a nice show. Come lets we see.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Modelling Clay. (Low Quality)

2) Glitter powder.

3) Object to mold.

4) Color Changing LED.

5) 5V Dc power Supply

6) Potentimeter.

7) Hot glue gun.

Step 2: Prepare the Mold

1) Make a the modeling clay thick and round.

2) Apply some oil over the object.

3) Place the object over the modelling clay.(I used the hair band flower)

4) Press it up to the whole front side get immerse in the clay.

5) Take the object out. See the impression on the clay.

6) My flower has no stem so i draw stem manually. If u like to add more just draw it in the clay. now the mold is ready.

Step 3: Add Glitter and Glow

1) Spray glitter over the impression .

2) Place the LED bulb on the center of the flower and make its legs come through the stem. Now its ready for pouring.

Step 4: Pouring and Cleaning

1) Switch on the glue gun and wait for heat up.

2) After Glue gun reach heat, pour the hot glue in the molding Slowly.

3) During pouring spray some Glitter in between.

4) Pour all the portions of the molding uniformly.

5) Cover the leg of led in the stem and pour glue gun to cover the legs (allow some leg portions for wire join).

6) Now pouring is completed.

7) Be patience for 5 minutes and allow it to fry in air.

8) After fully dry remove the clay and take the piece.(its really very very very ugly with lot of clay coated over it).

Step 5: Cleaning

1) Wash the piece in the water with tooth brush and remove all the clay from it.

2) Now the flower is ready and glitter.

Step 6: Make Connections and See Result

1) Give the connection as show in the diagram.

2) Adjust the potentiometer and change the brightness and speed of led color changing.

3) If u want single color then use normal single color LED.

4) If u have multicolor led and microcontroller then select your desired color.

5) Now its ready to add with your show case dolls.

6) Spray some glitters over Your normal show case dolls and place the flower in the correct position. Switch on the 5v power supply and regulate the required brightness. Its glitter and Glow.

7) Try with Different flowers and creatures.

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