Easy Ornamental Band in Just Two Steps.

A easy bracelet from some household thing and a old worn out jeans.

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Step 1: Things You Need to Gather.

  1. You will need a zip,
  2. And around 100 safety pins(it depend upon your zip length also).
  3. you can get the zip from old jeans and pants(i used a zip from jeans).

Step 2: How to Do It.

First take the zip, start pinning the safety pins to the sides of the zip.

Maintain a specific distance for pinning the pins from the zip so it can be easily opened and, closed.

  1. Wear GLOVES during pinning the safety pins.
  2. Continue the pinning till the zip end and leave a little space at last
  3. Then pin two vertical pins on both side of zip as shown in the photo.
  4. Pin the vertical pins as near as possible to the zip, so there is no gap(space) between to ends of the bracelet.

Step 3: And There You Are.

Wear it and have fun!

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