Easy Paper Airplane

Grab your paper and fold it in half (hot dog style).

Step 1: Make a Point

fold your top 2 corners down to the center fold line. Now your left with a point.

fold the point down make a crease at, for lack of a better term, bottom of the corner... make sure the point is still in line with your center fold

Step 2:

take your 2 new corners and fold them down to meet along the center fold line

now fold the point up till it meets the two corners you just folded

Step 3:

now fold everything in half, make sure to keep the point folded

grab the top of the paper and fold it so that the top and bottom are even.

do the same with the other side.

Step 4: The Secret Step to Glide

think your done?? think again, there is one last step.

take the tip of the plane and fold it in

throw this plane by holding the point that you folded up (it kind of makes a triangle spot to hold). If your not getting the desired flight results try lifting the wings up so they make more of a dihedral (or obtuse) angle when viewed from the front.



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