DIY Miniature Castle

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Miniatures are cute and fun to make. There are many tutorials for miniature house and castle building, but I thought I could make it a little more easier, especially for kids. I've made this miniature castle out of brown paper and I've tried to simplify the steps as much as possible. I don't know much about castles! But I hope this helps :)

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this miniature castle you'll need:-

1) Brown paper,
2) Glue,
3) Paper, pen or pencil,
4) Scissor,
5) Poster color,
6) Paint brush,
7) Cardboard (5X5 inches)
8) Thermocol sheet,
9) Blue polythene paper

Step 2: Design and Template

First you need to make sure about the design of the miniature castle. Draw the design (front view and top view) of the castle , this will help to build the miniature castle easily. 
After drawing the design you'll need to make a template (including each and every part of the castle). You may follow the template of my miniature castle instead. I also marked the towers, roof, square buildings and other parts with alphabets, it reduces confusion while making the template. 

Step 3: Building the Parts

After you're done making the template, cut out each part carefully. You can color the parts as you want. I used poster colors and markers.

To make the towers simply roll the paper and glue the sides.
To make the conical roofs, take the round papers and cut off 135o out of it. Roll them like cones and glue the sides. Attach them on the top of the towers with glue.
For the square buildings, fold the the paper 4 times (as shown in the picture) and glue the sides. Glue a flat roof and zigzag carvings around the buildings with glue.

Step 4: Making the Base

Cut out a round piece of cardboard. Make sure the cardboard piece is big enough to hold all the parts of the castle and it's surroundings (river, bushes).
Cut out another round piece from a thermocol sheet with a flat surface and enough space to hold the castle. The thermocol sheets I had was thin so I had glue 2 pieces together to make it thick. This piece of thermocol would be a hilly area and we'll place the castle on the top of it.

Step 5: Gluing the Parts

We have all the parts ready to build a miniature castle.
Now start sticking them on the green thermocol hill.
Apply glue at the bottom of every part and simply place them on their position.
You may add more towers or buildings if you want. I had to add another tower because the castle seemed incomplete.

Step 6: Bushes, Moat and Others

Use blue polythene paper to make the moat. I glued 2 layers of blue polythene paper around the castle (see picture).
Cut or break small pieces out of the thermocol sheet to make bushes & trees. Color them with poster colors and glue them around the castle. Add as many bushes and trees around the castle they make the castle look even better.
You may also add gardens, guards, flags, anything you want. 

I've tried to make this miniature castle as simply as possible for the little crafters.  
I hope you enjoy making it :)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Job! I guess you're very very crafty! Although I do wish that you could have added a print-out template. But overall, it's very creative.

    being human

    6 years ago on Introduction

    shoo cute..i dnt see it b4 othr wise it wud hlp me.i made a tample kind of home.. .bt next tim i'll make thz 1..u 1st schetch the thing u made,,thz iz v gud i do it as ideas cm n do that

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