Easy Please Me Pies!

Introduction: Easy Please Me Pies!

What's the best way to have a pie?.. By the slice? Really? You think it's by the slice? So you just love having the gooey inside fall out and making one big mess?.. Maybe you'll get lucky enough to have equal amounts of pie filling and crust on your spoon too, right?.. That may sound great but why? You could just make the worlds easiest mini-pies! And they're as simple as, well... Pie!!!

You'll need:
-Pie filling, I get this in the can/jar right from the grocery store, pick whatever kind you'd like.
-Premade pie crust, you usually get two round pie crusts per pack, you'll use both.
-One fork, this will be used to press down the sides of the pie, surrounding the filling.
-One cup, this will be used to determine the size of your pies, if you want larger pies just use a louder mouthed cup.

Preheat the oven 20 degrees lower than what your pie crust package recommends and lets make these easy please me pies!

Roll your premade pie crust out.
Make little circles of pie filling on your crust, space them out well enough that you'll be able to cut the pies out evenly. Don't overfill your pies. Don't under fill either. Wing it, live a little, you've got this! Have a little faith in yourself. You could also take the mouth of your cup, and lightly press down on your pie crust to make an impress of where you should be filling your pies, leave enough space around the edge of the crust that you'll be able to press and seal the pies. Once you've gotten your pie filling onto all of your mini-pies, add the second pie crust on top, make sure it's even and matches up.
Now get your cup and your fork!
Take the mouth of your cup and press it firmly down on to the two layers of pie crust, make sure your filling is safely in between. This should act like a cookie cutter and cut the pies out, to perfection might I add, remember you've got this!
Now take your fork and press around the edges sealing your mini pies.
Pop them in the oven, no need to flip them, cook until they're golden.
You're welcome!

You can also try stuffing these pies with peanut butter and jelly instead of pie filling.
Campbells chunky soup for a nice portable dinner.
You can stuff them with cheese, ham, and eggs for a breakfast on to go.
Or even cheese and pizza sauce for an inside out pizza.
Taco seasoned hamburger and refried beans, dip them in salsa or sour cream!
The possibilities are endless! So, how do you stuff your easy please me pies?!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great ible! I want to try this but I am not using pre made pie crust, so what would be an average temperature? Looks delicious!