Easy Soup Balls

Introduction: Easy Soup Balls

I love some meat in my soup but I don't like rolling the meat into balls..
So I came up with a quick solution for that!

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Step 1: What You Need

You need your meat (I had minced meat), some seasoning, a fork and a mould to make ice cubes.
I have one with silicone ends what makes it easier to get the ice cubes/meat balls out of the mould. 
Also I have a mould that is round so the balls will be round (sort of...)

Step 2: Fill the Mould

Prepare your meat and push it into the mould with the fork. Try to push as much in it as possible to make dense balls otherwise they end up as small pieces of meat if you put them in the soup.

Step 3: Put the Balls in the Pre-heated Soup

And boil them for about 10 min.

Step 4: Optional: Freeze Them!

If you want some extra balls for a day you know you are busy pop the mould in the freezer and after 1 hour put the balls in a zip loc bag. This way you only need to drop the balls in the soup and you have your little meat balls!

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