Easy System to Irrigate Tomatoes




Introduction: Easy System to Irrigate Tomatoes

Penso Che NEL this Caso di Pubblicazione e di Più Che Una Presentazione instructable delle Nazioni Unite. Interessante sembra altrettanto per la 'implementazione di facilitatore e di Che io posso vedere TUTTI I Giorni.

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Step 1: Why

This is actually meet two different needs that now will explain:
1) the first need is to achieve through the watering the land concerned roots minimizing waste.
(2) the second requirement (but in this case I am still of the idea) is to collect whenever possible rainwater .why not be lost.

This second need is accentuated by the fact that I have covered the culture medium with a nylon anti weeds, which plays very well his work but in case of rain is a screen nearly complete.The first need is readily understandable, I believe.

Step 2: The Material

as material for making everything I used all things recovery (how I love to do), and then: empty bottles pet and hose that, in my case I found with ease; but can be used easily with normal use to electricians.

The inclusion of the tube was simple because of the perfect match between two diameters exterior and interior but in other cases will be safer from a possible adaptation or fastening with tape

Step 3:

To allow a better flow of the water I have shaped the tail pipe way as in Figure.

Step 4:

to fix everything I used the same rings of rope bearing the tomatoes putting a special ring in the vicinity of the bottle for a safer support.

Step 5:

And finally I applied the "flower" even to a small pumpkin that is near. think of developing a little better this last idea why the recovery of water is more efficient.I hope this instructale can be useful to someone, thank you for the attention and if you wish commented it well; I'll be happy to answer you. goodbye to the next and good harvest.

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever! I planted in front of my house a willow tree to provide shade in summer, and they recommended that it watered until it grows long enough. Then I did something similar to what you propose, with a large bottle (3 liters) and a PVC pipe that came about 20 cm underground. At first I filled only the bottle with the garden hose, but then became a "pot" among the roots of the willow, and entered dozens of gallons of water. This greatly facilitated the tree growth, which in any case took 3 years to provide shade. By the way, I make a serious warning about the willows: their roots are very aggressive to pipes, floors and walls. It is imprescidible to do them an underground perimeter wall at least 80 cm deep, to force the roots to go down the construction. Otherwise, they break everything in search of water, it is a very thirsty tree.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the compliments, then you've done something like that? But operated by collector for rain if I understood correctly ...