Easy-to-Make DIY USB Fan

Introduction: Easy-to-Make DIY USB Fan

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We all know that there are lots of devices to be connected to a laptop via the USB port. These devices are familiar to everyone and include web cameras, mobile phones, modems, printers and what not. However, you can also use USB ports for your personal benefit. How is that possible? Actually, that’s very simple! The thing is that my younger brother works for Ignite - the software outsourcing company and, thus, spends much time at the computer. Last summer, when it was too hot outside, a great idea came to him mind. He decided to buy a portable USB fan. He was already going to make the purchase and has even chosen the right model, when another curious idea came to his mind. He decided to make the USB fan himself. And you know what? His idea was a success! It took him only about an hour to complete the task. So, I decided to share the instruction with you. Well, the quality of photos is not high here, unfortunately, but this is because I was in a hurry when taking photos of the process. This, however, did not affect the result. So, here is the instruction!

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Step 1: Supplies

  • DVD or CD
  • USB cord
  • Small motor
  • Cork
  • Candle

Step 2: Cut the Disk Into Parts

The first thing you should do is to cut the CD or DVD you have prepared into 8 equal parts. Make sure you use unnecessary or spoiled disk not to get into trouble. To make the parts of the disk equal (this is very important!), I recommend marking them with a pencil first.

Step 3: Bend the Blades

Cutting the disk into parts won’t bring the desired result, because the blades will be straight, preventing the required air circulation. To solve the problem, it is necessary to bend the blades by heating them over the candle. Be very careful when doing that, because disks are very fragile and you may simply break it.

Step 4: Check What You’ve Got!

This is how your disk should eventually look like. You see how the blades should be bent. If you bend the blades slightly, the disk will simply rotate, which is not what we need. So, think the process over in advance not to spoil several disks.

Step 5: Attach the Motor

Insert the cork into the center of the disk. Make sure the cork fits the size of the hole. Now, take a small motor and attach it to the cork as it is shown on the photo. If you use the wine or Champaign bottle cork, then you should initially make a small hole in it to attach the motor then.

Step 6: Attach the USB Cord

The final step of the process is attaching the USB cord. If it comes with the plug, then cut it away. As soon as you cut the USB cord into halves, you will see four connections inside. Skin red and black connections, because they are the main ones. Then attach the cord to the motor. If you wish, you can use a base or a stand for your USB fan to make the device convenient to use. That’s it! Your USB fan is now ready! Hopefully, you will cope with the process successfully and the device will be of great help to you, especially in hot weather! Good luck!

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