Easy to Make Floating Sifter for Metal Detecting



Introduction: Easy to Make Floating Sifter for Metal Detecting

To make a floating sifter you will need some simple and very cheap products, Everything came from home depot and the dollar store (pool noodles).
You will need,
A concrete mixing tub,
a length of 1/2 pvc pipe
4x 90 degree pvc corners
a package of zip ties
2 pool noodles
a brass clip with a loop big enough for the pvc to pass through.

Tools, A drill with 1/4 bit, wire cutters and scissors.

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Step 1:

First step
Determine the length needed for the pvc and noodle allowing for the thickness of the noodle.
Once the pvc is cut and 1 corner installed cut the noodle to fill the pvc between corners.
Repeat for all sides and assemble all but one corner,
On one short side cut the pool noodle to have a relief for the brass clasp. As you slide the noodle on the pvc insert the clasp over the pvc.
Finish pvc and noodle assembly.

Step 2:

Now that the frame is done flip the tub and push the pool noodle down against the lip on one end, With the drill and 1/4 bit drill a hole below the noodle, insert the zip tie and tighten. Repeat this on the other end and then when tight repeat on the sides. Use plenty of zip ties and trip all of the long ends of with wire cutters or scissors.

Step 3:

Final step is to create the sifter bottom. I drilled hundreds of holes, I tried to keep it looking organized but it does get messy in spots, I went up on the rounded ends to help with drainage when exiting the water.
After all this, clean up and go metal detecting!!!

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