Easy to Make Hand Degreasing Powder




Introduction: Easy to Make Hand Degreasing Powder

If you ever had to deal with different types of oily stuff in your workshop, you probably know, how hard it can be to clean your hands from all that greace after the job is done, since the regular sope is not very effective in this case. And while there's a bunch of commercially available products to deal with this issue, here I want to share, how you can easily make a degreasing powder for washing your hands at home and for really cheep. All you'll need is a bunch of soap, chalk and a bit of baking soda.

Step 1:

So, let's start from drying the sope.

I heard that a random panda cryes each time I don't reuse some old stuff in my instructables, and since I'm a huge fan of random pandas - here's some old sope leftovers. Usually I collect them to remake into new soap bars.

You can use fresh new soap. Grate it or chop into smaller pieces and let them to dry on the sun untill it gets brittle and crumbles in your hands.

Step 2:

When the soap has dried, you have to turn it into powder. It is convenient to use some old coffee grinder (mine has one blade missing and the screw acts as a counterbalance). But you can go as basic as simple mortar and pestle.

Grind all the soap into fine powder (try not to breathe the dust). Seave the powder, and grind remaining bits.

Step 3:

The next ingredient is chalk. It also has to go in a form of powder. In the final product it acts as an absorber for the grease as well as implementing scrubing action.

You need rughly the same ammount of chalk as the soap powder. If resulting product creates chunks of soap that go into drain without being dissolved when used - add a bit more of chalk.

I'm using a building porpouses chalk. You can also use teath brushing powder (which is basically a chalk with flawourings) or grind a drawing chalk sticks in the same grinder.

You can substitute chalk with kaolin clay, which is a cosmetics product, but it more likely to create chunks and cloag your drain. For the same reason I do not recommend using gypsum.

Step 4:

The last ingredient is regular baking soda. It'll make the product more caustic, thus improving it's cleaning propperties.

Add from one tea spoon to one table spoon into the mix (you can esimate proportions from the photos). The more baking soda you're adding the more caustic the powder will be, so using it will make your hand dry to some amount. You can use less soda and be ok with it or apply some moisturing cream to your skin afterwards.

Step 5:

Mix everything together and put into convenient container.

Step 6:

And this is basically it for making the powder, as well as for this instructable, but I've also made a short sci-fi film... I don't know how if it out of the place here, but I want to share it anyway. I called it "War of Worlds: the Shadow of Tripod". Hope you'll like it

Anyway, this is it for now, thanks for your attention and have beware the heat ray.

I also have a Patreon page, in case if you want to support me, and you can follow me on Facebook as well.

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