Easy to Make Survival Kit

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This is an easy survival kit that uses around the house items.

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Step 1: Materials to Gather

1. Bandages
2. Small bottle of antibiotic ointment
3. Pocketknife, I would suggest the leatherman Style CS.
4. Matches
5. Toothpicks
6. Ibuprofen
7. Antihistamine
8. Square of strike-on-match material
9. Rubber band
10. Tape
11. Plastic wrap
12. Tin, Altoids is a great size

Step 2: Placing Items

The first step is to lay the bandaids at the bottom of the tin lengthwise on top of each other. Then place the bottle of ointment on top of them. Now put your pocket knife below them in the box( see images ).

Step 3: Placing Items( Continued)

It is now time for the ibuprofen. Set the pills on the plastic wrap. Now bundle the pills up and wrap the rubber band around the bundle. Now put the antihistamine on top of the pocketknife.

Step 4: The Last Steps

Set your square of of matchbox material in the middle of the box on the back. Now use two strips of tape to secure the square. Now when you want to start a fire just take a match and strike it.

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    1 year ago

    Wonderful information! It's always helpful to have something like this handy as you never know when you will need it!

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