Easy to Make Water Rocket



Here is the finished Rocket!

- bottle
- tape
- water
- Air Pump
- Scissors
- Glue (Can't be hot glue or school glue)
- Opt. Spray Paint
- Opt. Foam

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Step 1:

Glue the Ball valve into the wide part of the nossel.
Make sure that the nossel is fully open letting air run freely from the pump through the valve, through the nossel, and into the bottle!

Step 2:

Use the tape to make the nossel thicker and a tight fit in the bottle! Make sure it is AIR TIGHT!

Step 3:

Add the fins for straighter, higher flights and a nose/cone for faster speed! PAINT IT!
 _ I found that the more water the slower it goes,
 _ The less water the higher is goes!!!!!

I named mine MARINE 001

Step 4:

To fire just put water and the nossel and valve (the plug/engine) in the bottle. Attach a air pump (don't use a hand held, because the take off is rough and will back fire on you.) Pumps may be electric though make sure the rocket is away from the pump. Pump until the rocket explodes into the air and comes back down for another flight!

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