Easy to Set Up Lamps

This lights are an easy way to bring up ceiling lights to corners, where there is no possibility to set up a normal light. If you never worked with electronics but you like to try, this is a very cool first project, because there are many good tutorials about how to attach plugs and sockets and the result looks quite amazing.

Step 1: Building the Lights

First, you need to make the lamps. Its doable for people, who never have done electronics before. You need a plug, a lamp socket and a cable.

When you pick the bulbs for your project, I recommend, to use decoration bulbs, because they are not as bright. Because there is no lamp shade, normal lights might be to strong (my neighbors actually complained about the strong light, so I had to change them afterwards).

Step 2: Attach the Power Strip to the Ceiling

I actually glued it to the ceiling and fixed the cable coming out of it afterwards with nails, but you can also pick power strips with holes for screwing.

If you want to use it over a desk, its nice to leave one or two plugs without lamps, because it makes it possible to plug your phone or laptop there as well.



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I have to ask. Do you sleep in the hammock often?


    2 years ago

    Such a simple solution! I love Edison bulbs!