Happy Wife-Happy Life! Easy to Do Hight Adjustable Shoe Shelf, Made From Scaffolding Parts, With Polished Stainless Steel Rings on Top




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Hello, here I show you how you can esayly bould an nice Hight adjustable Shoe shelf.

You only need 2 Boards and 4 Scaffold Pedestals ( with 2 nuts each).

I do some medalrings on Top of the boards for a better look, but thats not rely neccessary.

So follow the steps and have wile working.

Step 1: Blueprint

So this is my blueprint, you can see all the dimensions, its completly in millemeter.
of course you can build in other dimensions.

Step 2: Tools

This are the tools you need to work on the boards, including the metalrings.
There is no saw or anything cause i bought the boards allredy cuttet in the home depot.

Step 3: Drilling the Boards

as i say ressed some polished stainless steel rings in the Boards, so in my case the drilling is a bit complicatet.

It´s nessecesary doing it in the right sequence.

-first drilling with an holsaw (with the exact diameter of the metalrings) only the depth of the thicknes of the Metalrings.
 Like in Pic 1and2, Do this four times, follow the dimensions in the blueprint.

-Now also with an holesaw, drill the holes for the Pedestals ( do it somme millimeters bigger)
 Like in Pic 3

- Now Take an chisel (sorry, i forgot on the tools list) an stringing the surface for the rings, must not be absolut exact, but defintely    not to deep.
When its done it should look like in Pic 4

Step 4: Paiting

I choose some Mahagoni Varnish ( i like that look) and some extra clearcoat (3layers) with intermediate sanding.
thats a lot of work but in the end it looks great.

I apply the varnish with a big Bruhs, it brings a nice structure.
after the drying time i Spray on the Claercot, Wait-Sanding-Cleaning-Spraying-Wait-Sanding-Cleaning-Spraying-Wait...

Step 5: The Stainless Steel Rings

Now thats a point, ithink iwill never ever work on Stainless Steel again, it`s soF...ing hard, it kills all of your tools
But it`s pretty shiny when polished and i wanted it on that Shelf so

-First Take a sheet of Stainless steel, the thikness of my plate was 1millimeter
-Mark out the 8 rings with an divider
-Clamp it in the vise and start sawing it out
-Grind round till they fit exactly to the Surfaces in the Boards


-Polishing ( ihavend done this myself, agood friend is a professional polisher so he did for me)

Step 6: Fixing the Rings to the Boards

Now as the rings are shiny polished and fit to the boards, we can stick them down to the boards,
I use an mixture of metalglue and universal glue,

You need to press it for a while, i used some books for it.

Step 7: The Pedestals

I use 4 ordinary Pedestals wich i found on an junkyard, ihad to search for a while for the four extra nuts.
I only cleaned them with an steelbrush.
 these things are 500milimeters high, like you can see in the blueprint.

-Screw the first nut on, in the hight you like
-screw all the others in the same hig and check the hight, like in Pic 3

Step 8: The Assembly

Now you only need to put on the first Board, just stick it over the Pedestals untill it lays on the lower nuts

Then Screw on the second range of nuts and bring them in same hight

Put on the second board on till it lays on the upper nuts

Done, hope you like it



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6 years ago on Introduction

This is nuts, scaffold pedestals are about $15 to $20 each, four would cost $60. For that price I can buy parts for a much nicer shoe stand. Just saying when you want to make something without going to the expense of buying something premade it needs to be cheaper, the four pack mentioned by another commenter is even more at $80.

4 replies

Reply 4 years ago

He didn't buy them, he found them at a junkyard. So he didn't spend a ton of money on them.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Some people aren't always looking to save $, they are looking for something fun and different. I like it. It would fit in well with my craftsman home!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Wait, i don't follow... Who said he bought those??
I thought Falkenberg got his pedestals in a junk yard..

What would be nuts and annoying is when someone whips a comment without even reading the instructible..


6 years ago on Introduction

Great job!
nice finishing on the wood !
I'm a follower now.. more because of the title.. lol.. :D

thanks for sharing!


6 years ago on Introduction

I think this is a great idea although scaffolding might be a little heavy-duty for an item this size. The DIY store near me in London sells 15mm diameter metal poles with a screw thread on them that you could also use with nuts to hold the shelves in place and/or adjust their height and maybe just put a plastic cap over the end of the pole to protect the cupboard floor? They sell them to any length so you could have triple decker unit -- or more if you're Imelda Marcos. No idea of the price but it must be pretty cheap. I'll tell you when I had a go :)


6 years ago on Introduction

Four unconnected lifts? A chain sprocket is needed for each corner connected with chain so that they can be driven "together". Then, to power this contraption, electrically, the system needs to be (think green) solar powered with battery backup for nighttime and poor weather conditions or maybe water power if you live close to a stream that has enough elevation drop to provide the necessary hydraulics. Or just a hand crank

Somebody has way too much time on their hands.

I guess I'm just jealous! ;>) .


6 years ago on Step 8

Thanks for the instructions. I really like the shelf. It is an easy solution to the pile of shoes in the closet. Since mine will be in the closet, I think I can skip the decorative rings and make it even quicker to build.

That looks awesome! I've never heard of those pedestal things, they look like huge screws. Do you know what they are usually used for?

3 replies

Found some one Home depot http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202334279/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=screw+jack&storeId=10051


6 years ago on Introduction

Scaffolding parts are criminally underrepresented in the shelf game. Great idea, good execution, and I hope that both your wife and life are happier because of it.