Easy-to-make Cardboard Connector

Introduction: Easy-to-make Cardboard Connector

Electronics, if you are a good hobbyist, would be all around you. And, If you want to connect them temporarily, what better thing than a connector. But they can be expensive, and It can take time to get them. So, in this Instructable I Will show you how to make a simple connector with a small template.

Step 1: The Main Body

First, print out the connector template. The template is in PDF, so you should be able to print it. . Instead of printing the normal way, select printing on both sides. this is because there should be a bit on the back of inner shell 3 saying 4b. This is where you will attach the two 4bs later. But first, cut out outer shell 1 and inner shell two. Then fold up the tabs that are handily marked "tab" so that you do not glue them to the cardboard. glue outer shell 1 and inner shell two onto the cardboard taking care not to glue the tabs down. Then cut them out. Fold them along the lines. Now here is a little backstory. the tabs are marked "tab1"and "tab 2". now I did not mean for the shells to be numbered. The numbers where there to help you know where to attach the tabs. And they happened to be right underneath the names, so I thought I would number them. So, attach tab 1 to 1, and tab 2 to 2. Then you should end up with squares. Try to fit inner shell 2 inside outer shell 1. If it can not go in then go get some thinner cardboard. Do not take it out. Cut out end bit 2 and a little bit from the edge cut 2 small holes just big enough for the wire you want to use. Then glue end bit 2 onto the end of inner shell two. Put some glue on the top and bottom of inner shell 2, like in picture 8, then push inner shell 2 into outer shell 1. but just push it far enough to match end bit 2 to outer shell 1 like in fig.9.

Step 2: Inner Shell 3

First cut out Inner shell 3. Fold the tab up. Then put a tiny bit of glue on the bit furthest away from the tab and glue it down. Cut out and bend the cardboard. Then you will notice a bit on the back of the paper saying"b4". Put a mark to remind yourself about b4, then glue Inner shell 3 together as normal. Then glue together the two b4's. Glue them onto where, through the cardboard, the sign that says b4 is. Cut out end bit one and make two small holes in the middle. Glue it on to Inner shell 3 like Inner shell two. Push Inner shell 3 into Outer shell one a few times but do not glue it in place. The pushing is just to get the outer shell used to inner shell 3.

Step 3: The Wires

Make a small loop in a wire that is just big enough to admit a wire. Make two of those. Bend the loop to 90 degrees to the wire. Make the wire short enough to be able to push up the insulation. Then push the ends into separate holes of inner shell 3 and put the loops at opposite directions to each other. Then glue them in place. Cut two other lengths of wire and strip the insulation a little less than an inch from the end. Do not make it into a loop. Instead, push it through the holes of inner shell 2. Push the red wire in to the red wire loop and the same with the black wire. Then push inner shell 3 into outer shell 1 and put glue around where the wires come out of inner shell 2. Then unplug the connector and flood the inside with glue, plug the connectors back together and wait for the glue to dry. Then the wires should stay in place so you can just push the connector together any time you want! Your connector is done!

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    4 years ago

    sorry, the templae is currently down, I will try to get it upp again when I am done with school


    Reply 4 years ago

    The connector template is up and running again In a PDF file instead of word. sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you