Easy-to-make Fishing Line Stripper




This handy fishing line stripper can be made in just a few minutes using a couple of Greek yogurt containers.  In addition, you will need a length of threaded rod (1/4" x 20), two flat washers, a hex nut, and a wing nut.  That's it!

The line stripper can be chucked into any power drill and be used to very quickly remove the line from a reel.  Just wedge the end of the line between the two yogurt containers, turn on the drill, and remove as much line as you need to from your fishing reel.  When you're done, just unscrew the wing nut.  This allows you to separate the containers and the mass of line that has been wound there can than be easily removed

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Step 1: Make a Spindle Out of Steel or Aluminum Rod

You can use 1/4" - 20 threaded rod.  If you have the means to cut a thread yourself,  use plain 1/4" rod and then thread a short length of the end to a 1/4"-20 thread.  The second method has a slight advantage, as we will see later.  Cut the rod to a length of 5 inches.  I used 1/4" aluminum rod, but the material is not critical.

Attach a hex nut and a flat washer, as shown in the photo.  Adjust the nut so that the amount of exposed thread remaining beyond the washer is 3/8".  If you have chosen to cut your own thread into the end of a solid rod, then make the length of the thread such that 3/8" is exposed beyond the washer when the nut is screwed on completely.  The advantage of this second method is that you will never have to adjust or measure the amount of exposed thread once you've made the spindle.

Step 2: Drill a Hole in the Bottom of Each Yogurt Container

Drill a 1/4" hole in the bottom of each yogurt container to accept the spindle.  Try to center it as best as you can.

Step 3: Assemble the Components

Insert the threaded spindle (with hex nut and washer installed) into the hole in one of the yogurt containers. Then install the second yogurt container over the protruding threaded end such that the bottoms of the two containers face each other.  Add the remaining flat washer on the threaded end and fasten with a wing nut.  That's all there is to it!

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    6 years ago

    I have had mine for 12 or so dug it out of a 2nd hand stores dumpster when I was redoing there graphics on there windows and sign. Has worked great even though I have made it smoke a few times. Right now it's helping me carve a p=51 and a Japanese zero out of wood for my boys

    Patrick S

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hah my dad has the same drill! Yours looks like it has fared better, but it is a beast.