Easy to Make Ninjago Golden Ninja Helmet

Introduction: Easy to Make Ninjago Golden Ninja Helmet

It takes about 2 days to make and very easy. My son has a huge imagination and loves Ninjago.  He asked me one day if I could buy him a Ninjago helmet, I told him its probably easier if we just make one together.  He also loves arts and crafts so we knocked out two birds with one stone.

Items you need:
  • Cardboard
  • newspaper
  • paper mache glue
  • tape
  • gold paint
Paper Mache Glue instructions:
  1. (1) part flour
  2. (2) parts warm water
  3. stir until all lumps are gone and glue is runny.

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Step 1:

This is the hardest step.  Make a rough helmet shape using cardboard pieces and tape.
Make sure it fits the user, so keep trying it on as many times as needed.  Once this shape is done, there is no going back so take your time.

Step 2:

Next, make whatever designs you want to add to the helmet and tape them on.  I am doing a Ninjago helmet, so I did the forehead metal plate form.

I attached a rough cut out of the forehead piece, I'm not a very good Photoshop artist so use it as an idea only and draw it out on your own. Make sure you have a few pieces available in case  it comes out wrong.

Black lines: cut
Red lines: fold
  • I missed the fold on the lower center line but that's what project pics are for right :)

Step 3:

Cut your newspaper into varous square and rectangle strips.

You will need a bunch of medium sized ones and a handful of small 1" strips (for the forehead piece edges and tips)

After you cut the pieces you need, make your Paper Mache glue. The glue is very very messy so use plastic gloves if desired and lay a few layers of newspaper on top of your workstation.

Step 4:

To add the glue, dip the newspaper strip into the glue.  Let it drip and use your fingers to remove excess glue.  In order for the paper to stick, it needs to be soaked.

It doesn't matter where you start, just cover the cardboard up completely.

Do about 3 layers and let it dry for 30 to 45 minutes and repeat as necessary.

I did 12 layers since my son is very rough with his toys and I want it to last a while.

The more layers the sturdier it becomes.  Its up to you but definitely do more that 6 layers if you want it to last.

Step 5:

Spray paint will need about 2 to 3 coats to completely cover the newspaper.  I recommend some light sanding but not necessary.

Let it dry and enjoy the fun.

It's not an exact replica but my son got a little anxious and we just rushed through the last steps so he can have fun with it.

Step 6:

My son loves this thing, we took him to LEGOLAND for his birthday and wore it the whole time.  Everyone was asking us where to buy it, I told them check instructables.com and you can make it yourself.  They still didn't believe it was handmade.  One lady even said, "but you bought the mold here at LEGOLAND right?"  Nope, sorry :)

I am still going to add to it on the inside.  My son wants a walkie talkie added to the inside of the helmet.  I'll post the instructions on how to add that soon.

I hope you all like it.

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