Easy-to-make Paper Biplane Glider

This is an airplane of my own design which is a variant of the standard paper plane with bottom wings. This is quite easy to make and glides really well.

If you make this please post a comment. If you like this then check out my other Instructables.

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Step 1: The Fuselage

This is almost like making a normal plane but with a small twist. first, fold it in the middle as usual. Then here comes the twist. Instead of folding the corners in, about a centimeter from the middle fold, fold the two sides into each other. Then fold them back at the middle line. I would suggest using glue. It should look like in picture 3. Then fold the two large bits down again and make a paper plane the normal way, by folding the corners in, folding them in again, folding it in together, then folding the wings.

Step 2: The Thrower

To make the thrower cut a slit in the center hole, Then cut two slits in the fuselage just below the wings. Fold up some paper into a flat bar about a centimeter in width and then cut a little along the fold. Fold the two tabs you will have created down. The tabs go in the slits you have cut below the wing and the main thrower goes in the slit you cut along the middle fold. I would suggest gluing this. Then cut off the tab but make sure there is enough for you to hold on to. your biplane is done!

Step 3: Throwing the Biplane

Hold on to the thrower and chuck it gently. The longer you hold onto it when throwing the longer it will fly. But make sure the wings are horizontal at all times. I had to put two paperclips onto the nose to get it to fly properly! This is just a fun little plane to let your children fly, (and you can fly it, of course.)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Not to be unkind but I'm missing a LOT on this one. A bi-plane typically has two wings one above the other. Regardless, I don't get the folding: when I look at what I think is the bottom of the fuselage I see four longitudinal folds all the same way and not very precise. Later under Step 2 I see a kind of gouge in the paper - or maybe a wad of glue.

    Please refine this a bit (many more pictures would help) and I'll attempt to make it - then decide whether to vote for it.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I have refined it. comment if you have any other questions


    Reply 3 years ago

    This bi-plane does have two wings, in the last picture of step one you can see the bottom wing. then the gouge is a cut for the thrower because the bottom wing is right at the bottom, so the thrower is pushed through and secured by holes on the side. I will start working on refining.