Easy-to-make Paper Flying Wing

Introduction: Easy-to-make Paper Flying Wing

I was thinking about things, and paper planes, and if I could design one myself, so I came up with this variant of the standard paper plane. I did not find this in a book or hear about this anywhere. This is my own design. Yes, it is a variant of the standard paper plane, and two of the steps are similarish but I did not take too heavily from the standard. One fun thing is that all the planes are slightly different, not too different, but slightly. I would like to apologize for the color of some of the pictures as my camera was doing something funny.

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Step 1: The Main Bit

This is the fuselage. Start out with whatever size paper you like, as long as it is rectangular, and fold it in half lengthwise then unfold it. Now fold the top two corners in to the fold, like in picture 2. Then fold the other corners in, as in picture 3. Do not fold the wings together. cut a hole along the middle fold that helped you find the center. It does not have to be huge, just a little slit. About a centimeter from the bottom tip's of the wing fold it up to create two fins.

Step 2: The Thrower

This is the bit that you will hold on to to throw. Fold up some paper to make a flat bar about one centimeter in width, then cut it along the fold line and fold the two tabs down. Push the bottom through the hole in the plane you cut earlier. Then make sure the tabs keep the wings from unfolding. If you want then you can glue it in place. then cut as much of the tab off as you can, after all, this is a flying wing,but you want to still be able to hold onto it. Then you are done with your flying wing.

Step 3: Throwing the Plane

To throw the plane hold onto the tab. Then throw it as hard as you can, but keep the wing horizontal at all times. Do not throw it wildly, or it will not work. try to find the perfect method of throwing that works for you. After you have thrown it a few times add a paperclip to see if it helps. If it does keep it on. Please post comments showing if you have made it. could you please also rate this Instructable in a comment and tell me what could be done better? thanks.

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