Easy to Make RC Lego Car.




Introduction: Easy to Make RC Lego Car.

This is a good alternative for a broken RC car's body. With LEGOS, you can create your own body for your RC cars.
And it's easy, fast, and fun.

This is a short video. If it does not work go to http://vimeo.com/35400306

This is my first instructables so please comment. 

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Step 1: Remove Old Body

First, you will have to remove the old body from the base of the RC car. Don't get frustrated, at first it's hard. But it's not. In the RC car model I used, there will be a plastic stick left on top of the base, were you will be able to attach the first Lego. Go to http://www.newbright.com/product/view/id/56. Or go to http://www.newbright.com/product/view/id/96. The second website is for the RC racer. To remove the old silvered colored body piece from the car, place a screwdriver under the piece, then push back words on body piece. It should come out easily. 

Step 2: Body of Car

Second, you will have to create or design your own RC car body, you can also copy the one I am showing in this Instructable. Part 4 and 5 are building. 

Step 3: Test

Third,  Once you have your RC car finished. You may want to test it, so you know if the body you build is not too heavy for the base you are using. Sometimes, you have to rebuild it, because it's not moving as fast as it should.
Here comes a fun part !!!   if you have two Lego RC cars, you can crash them into each other and build them again and again.Or if you really like the model you build, just glue it to the base and it will last for ever.

Step 4: Building

The next two steps will show you how to make the two simplest RC bodies for both cars shown. One is on the next step. I will show how to make the RC Lego racing car. For this one you will need 55 Lego bricks or less. So here are some pictures to help.

Step 5: The Fastest Body to Make.

This is the easiest Lego car body to make. For it, you will need around 38 Lego bricks. Here are the last pictures for you build the car. 

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

Once you have your Lego body finished and attached, you then can drive it around as much as you want. I hope you enjoyed seeing and possibly doing this project. 

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    Thanks for posting this and the step by step of how to do it! very nice!

    Do not get frustrated is the best advise.

    if you ever make anything like that with Redcat Products, please let us know, we would like to display it on www.AmazingRCstore.com