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Introduction: Easy to Make a Harry Potter Wands

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A couple years ago i learned how to make a harry potter wand out of tape and pencils. So if you want a harry potter wand that you can design or dont want to spend a lot of money on replicas or spend money on those bulky light up wands this is for you.

Step 1: Supplies

For this you will need:

- 2 unsharpened pencils (or more if you want a long wand but any more then 2 could easily break)
- Tape (i recomend Duct Tape, I think duct tape can come in different colors)
- Pencil Sharpener (optional)

Step 2: Wand Construction

First you will need to take the 2 pencils and hold them together like in the picture. if you want to make the top of the wand pointed touch the tip of 1 pencil to the eraser on the other one. if you dont, then just touch the tips of both, this might make it more stable. Next, take your tape and wrap it tightly around where the pencils are touching, this parts important because your wand could bend less depending on how well you put the tape on. If you want a pointed tip, like i said before, conect the eraser and tip then use the sharpiner on the side that has the pencil tip on it.

Step 3: Design

Now cover it with tape. In any way you want, just a handle, orb things like Dumbledores wand, swirl design,original magician wand design (you know, black with white tips), anything you want. You can also draw on it if you use masking tape. Whatever you want.

Step 4: Your Wand Is Done

Have fun with your new wands! Just so you know these can bend very easily and i dont recomend swinging it around.



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      7 Discussions

      Dumbledores wand is the elder wand. hence replicas doubled in price the day the deathly hallows was released.

      not exactly, their brother wands, they both have phoenix feather cores from Fawkes but their made from different wood and look totally different

      Well i had a lot cuz at the end of art camp everyone let me keep their wands but i dont know what happened to them i think i took the tape and used it for some of my other junk. most of them were made of red duct tape. Well i had no more tape i just used a peice of tape frum my Noctis Sword and put it right back after i took the pic. Once i get some tape ill make a wand and finish this. I had some really cool wands :(