Easy to Make Paper Aeroplane



Introduction: Easy to Make Paper Aeroplane

A paper aeroplane that when you drop straight down comes up again before it hits the ground

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Step 1: Basic Plane

1.First of all an A4 (does not matter what sze really) peice of paper.
2.Then you fold it in half.
3.Then you fold the top to corners in as shown in picture
4.Then fold those corners in half like so.
5.Then you fold the entire thing in half
6Then you pinch about three cm from the top of the plane and fold directly across as shown in picture
That should be it but you have to add extra bits to make it do your party trick!

Step 2: The Extra Bits

1.First add the side flaps like in picture make sure they are symmetrical
2.Then make the flaps that make it go up us a pair of scissors and then cut two lines then you do the same for the other side making sure they are symmetrical.
3.Fold them up at a ninety degreese angle.

Step 3: Finished Project

To fly hold up so tip is facing the ground and let go hopefully instead ofdiving to its peril it will land safely.

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