Easy to Make Peacock Beatle for Fishing

Great for native trout

Step 1: The Beginning of the Bug

Go over the hook with your thread multiple times to ensure that it will hold strong to look so the fly does not slide

Step 2: The Body

attach the foam fur side down

Step 3: the Legs

You want you shine legs in order to get the right affect

Step 4: Forming the Body

You want to move the fold in the foam to where the bend in the hook starts and then secured the head of the Beatles behind the eye a quarter of a centimeter

Step 5: Add the Peacock

You want to cover a bit more than half of the head with the peacock and stripe on the side of the body with another strand of peacock

Step 6: The Materials

You need 1 piece of furry foam bodies tan2 large strands of peacock hackleBronze threadsili legs barrea size 10 nymph hook



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    3 Discussions

    The outdoors man

    4 years ago

    You can make a request for fly if you'd like to see how it is made


    4 years ago

    You probably mean a "bEEtle." A "beatle" was one of the Fab Four from Liverpool. Ya know... John, Paul, George, and Ringo.