Easy to Make Simple Teddy Bear



Introduction: Easy to Make Simple Teddy Bear

Make your own soft toy. Here is the process to make a very simple Teddy bear which you can make in few minutes

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Step 1: Items You Need

To make this teddy you need

1> Rectangular sponge ( approx 10cm x 15cm) , you can use kitchen sponge too.

2> 5 rubber bands

3> Two Sketch pen - Red and black.

Step 2: Method

Tie the bands as follow:

Two band to make the ears.

one band to make the face.

two bands to make the feet

Then draw the eyes and lips using sketch pen

What the below video to get the details.

Step 3: Video Instruction

Follow the video for more details

Video link: Click Here

Step 4: More Projects

More more projects watch : wekids

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