Easy to Make Wire Holder for Soldering Wires Together

Basically, I was having a lot of trouble with the simple task of soldering 2 wires together. It used to be a LOT harder than it seemed because you would need to hold the two wires in the right place, hold your iron in the right place, and feed solder onto the tip at the same time! So instead of growing an extra pair of arms... I decided to whip up one of these! It only takes 5 minutes and the only tools you need to build it are a hot glue gun, a bit of tough cardboard, and a couple of (preferably wooden) pegs.

Firstly, switch on your hot glue gun, it will hopefully have heated up by the time we need it! Next, take your cardboard (or other material of a similar strength) and cut it into a small square. I used cardboard, so I could cut it with scissors. Cut it to roughly the length of one of the pegs, and a width between 50 and 80mm. Mine is roughly 80x70.
Now that your hot glue gun has heated up, you will need to solder both pegs to the rectangle... they should be roughly 30mm apart (and further than that and you'll have trouble adjusting the wires). Then that is it... you are done! Check the pictures to see it in action! ;) This simple 5 minute project will help me through years of soldering work!



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6 years ago on Introduction

Nice job, i obvously do not know you from anywhaere else!