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Toe clips are a convenient alternative to clipped pedals. Nobody wants to get all gussied up to ride down to the store or wherever. Only problem with toe clips, the hang upside down and they're nearly impossible to flip right side up. here's my (very cheap) solution.


Step 1: 3 Zip Ties Is All It Takes

Pardon the terrible writing, I did this on my phone and do not have a stylus.

1 zip tie with the end on the bottom of the pedal
- this is what your sneaker will grip to make rotating the pedal easier on the go

2 zip ties on the top
- these are here so once the pedal is rotated it doesn't slip upside down again. One will probably work fine but my OCD says that it needs to be symmetrical.

I personally like to leave a little bit of the tie sticking out where I cut because I think it tends to grab the shoe better.

Good luck friends and enjoy your toe clips.



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    Nice quick fix, and it's hard not to love the price point! Simple things are always the hardest to fix in my experience, but you have done it here! Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    This has always been a problem for me and a lot of people I ride with. Hoped it helped :)