Easy Way to Make a DIY Cintiq





Introduction: Easy Way to Make a DIY Cintiq

First of a series of videos which show how to make a DIY Cintiq without voiding your wacom tablet warranty, with no power tools and with no electronics knowledge.  More details here http://www.tabletmod.com/Extras.html



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    2 years ago

    I was wondering if I bought a Work Surface Pro Medium Bamboo Pen Graphics Tablet from amazon and combined it whit a frameless 10 inch LCD from alibaba would this work if i built my own frame for it?

    I have a solution that uses an old under powered pen tablet (can be got cheap on ebay). A lot of these have pressure sensitive digitizers so you share the serial port over the network and then send the image back over VNC. Works suprisingly well. Video and how to http://kinggeek.co.uk/projects/item/27-diytablet.

    I agree; even though there's some hands-on implicit in the product being promoted, this seems to be largely advertising. It's the product that is central to the video, rather than the result, or the process of using it. Akin to making a video of how to assemble a product purchased at IKEA. Further support of the view that this is a commercial: the video (partially) aggressively obscures the right sidebar, and the default resolution is unusually (or unnecessarily) high.

    Thanks for commenting.  Wasn't actually to sure about posting but it's worth noting there is way more "how to" info than advertising.  I've taken your point re posting the other videos.


    Very cool but I don't think it's appropriate for this site. It's really just an advertisement. You might want to post the rest of the videos so it doesn't get taken down.

    I'm going to flag this and let the moderators decide. It's up to them now.

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