Easy Way to Make Your Own Heroscape Game Pieces!



Intro: Easy Way to Make Your Own Heroscape Game Pieces!

This is a low cost and easy way to make your own game pieces for Heroscape.

What you will need: Paper (heaver paper works best), cardboard, packing tape, glue, small plastic figures.

Making the cards step 1: To get your card the proper shape place an existing Heroscape card onto your sheet of paper and trace its outline

Step 2: Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut along the outline you made

Step 3: Once your card is cut out you can carefully draw the card info and decorations if desired.

Step 3: once you have your card completely finished you will want to cover it with packing tape to keep it from getting smudged. Cover the card front and back with tape. Make sure you don't overlap the tape, to avoid this hold you tape at an angle with just one edge touching the card so it does not stick, and slide it until its edge lines up with the previous strip, then carefully smooth it down.

Step 4: Cut any excess tape along the edges of the card

Making the figures step 1: Trace a circle on the cardboard using the base of an existing Heroscape figure

Step 2: Cut out the circle

Step 3: glue your figure to the circle



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    seems pretty good but i think your copying one of my old creations but you can use it because it was abandoned long ago but still pretty good i would like some more!