Easy Work Bench Organizer With Wire Dispenser




Introduction: Easy Work Bench Organizer With Wire Dispenser

applied simplicity

I have a small work bench in my room to work with electronics. Since it is small it's always crammed (see the BFEORE picture...) and I end up working on the office table. I took some waste wood that I had lying around and built that work bench top. It's super easy to build and helps a lot to keep the place usable.


- Some waste wood
- a piece of pvc pipe
- 7 screws
- 2 brackets

Step 1: Building the Main Structure

The main structure consists of 3 pieces. The side, the back and the top plate. I fixed them together with screws (see picture). Since it's standing on only two sides, I fixed it to the table with 2 brackets (one on the backside and one on the right side) to prevent it from tilting or sliding off the table.

Step 2: The Wire Dispenser

Since I always had the cable reels lying around, I wanted to have a neat place for them. I built a easy dispenser under the top plate of the new bench extension. On the left side is a small plate with a hole in it that matches the diameter of the pvc pipe. on the right side I drilled a hole halfway through, so the pvc pipe will fit into it. On the front side is a cover plate with small holes for the cables. You want to taper them on the backside to make it easier to guide the cable into the holes. To install the cable reels simply insert the pvc pipe from the left side and arrange the reels one by one while gliding the pvc pipe further in.

And finished you are! :) It's really very simple but enhances your work bench a lot! I hope you enjoyed.



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    26 Discussions

    I like the wire dispenser, it's a must have. Thanks for sharing!

    oh i love it. great instructions and i might need to add a wire dispenser to mine.

    this is exactly the kinda bench iv been wanting. plus i already have the same lamp lol.

    Nice organizer! :-)

    It was a prototype for a x-ray logger with gsm transmission and gps self-locating service. It worked but I didn't went further with it! Thanks for your compliments!

    This is the right table of Electronic hobbyist it apply's 5S Good Example Dtextor! Well Done.. I will Share this. Thank You For Your Sharing With us in instructables..

    had the same tipping problem, ended up putting in a supporting leg otherwise the top was bending a bit.

    May put in a triangle on the top left and see if that helps any!

    I used pocket screws and a kreg jig rather than screwing down.

    That is a really great idea to pull the wire spools through smaller holes, and so simple!

    NEAT results. there...

    A perfect example of "making do with available resources.".

    Can often be "zero cost" if enough material is available.

    Nice work, man!
    I'll build it on my desk [that actually looks like a worst version of your untidy one ;) ]

    Your Instructable's description is on my Portugese Blog, so Portuguese and Brasilian, etc Hacks can use it too!:

    Awesome Build. My workbench looks like the second pic...so I hope this will solve my problem.

    LOVE IT! I was just about to do a workbench makeover in the garage (poor area has been neglected for years) and this would be perfect. I think I'll make one for my crafting area as well.