Easter Egg Bunny

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The is a 3D printed Egg decoration made of two pieces. A top and base. The base is in the shape of bunny feet and keeps the egg in place. The top ring goes around the bunny and adds the face, paws, and ears to your egg.

You will need:

stl files (included here)

3D printer (or access to one)


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Step 1: Download and Print

To start your project by downloading the included stl files

1) The Bunny_Base_v1 file will create your feet.

2) The Bunny_Face_v2 file will create the ring adding the face, arms, and ears.

Now 3D print!

Import the files into your favorite slicer software and press print on your printer.

Tips: I recommend PLA with a good cooling fan on the parts as they print.

Step 2: Enjoy!

Assemble the 3D printed parts onto the egg. The base goes on the bottom and the face goes over the top.

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