Eating the Blues!

Introduction: Eating the Blues!

My husband had a birthday this month.  You gotta love having the holidays finally out of the way, and then 'wham', here comes another  celebration!  Just rub these babies right on my thighs!

I figured I would forgo the traditional birthday cake and make it a pretty celebration.  "Cup cakes again!!!", you ask?  Why, yes!          Cup cakes are fun and make celebrating more interesting.  

I used coconut cake (from scratch) with buttercream icing, then dipped some in coconut, or dropped the flakes on top.  I added some blue sugar crystals in the flakes, to give more bling!


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Step 1:

OH - MY - this is the push-up cake!  Michael's gave me the idea - I could do so much with that store...

For some heavenly reason, this way of eating this cupcake tasted the best of all!  Maybe because it was sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness :)  I cut up a few cup cakes, put some in the tube, then some icing and a sprinkle of coconut flakes, then repeated until I ended with icing.  Topped that with coconut by dipping into a fluffy pile of flakes!  Oh how sweet it was!

Step 2: Fill'em Up!

I've always wanted to make cream filled cup cakes, so I did!  An added yummy surprise when you bite in to this pretty picture.  

I know, I'm silly - but these pretty things were so delicious!  Sometimes a cup cake looks so good, but when you finally plunge in with a big bite - disappointment takes over.  No disappointment here, peeps.

With bag and tip in hand (that would be the baggy and decorating tip I used to dispense this creamy blue sweetness), my creations were alive!

Step 3: Great Balls of Sweetness!

Don't you just wanna' eat 'em?  This picture says it all.  

With a few crumbled cupcakes mixed with icing, I formed them into their shapes, and took'em for a dip and stick.  
Once formed, I stuck the stick in icing and then poked the cake pop.  Put them in the frig to set for about 30 minutes.  Then I melted some left over icing and rolled the pops in it, letting the excess drip off.  I rolled them in flakes and sugar glitter and waited for the birthday boy to come home and say "Wow, they look great!" 

That's all it takes...look out Valentine's Day! 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I found the black wrappers in a sale bin at Michael's!
    It was so much fun.

    Oooh! So much fun and prettiness! Those cupcake wrappers look different. Where did you get them?