Echo Dot Hanger, Easy, Quick and Cheap!

Introduction: Echo Dot Hanger, Easy, Quick and Cheap!

By mrcisaleaffan
Published July 26, 2018

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Introduction: Echo Dot Hanger, Easy, Quick and Cheap

This past Christmas I received an Alexa Echo smart speaker. Since then, my family and I have gotten really hooked into using the Alexa Echo for turning lights on and off, to playing music, getting the time and weather reports etc. The need quickly grew to wanting Alexa Echo devices around the house in other rooms. So that’s where the Alexa Echo Dot comes in handy because they are cheaper and do everything the big brother Echo model does. But there’s a catch right?

The catch for me was the Echo Dot needed to be placed on a flat surface. The actual footprint of the Dot is actually almost the same as the Echo but its not as hefty and really is hard to keep in place because it’s so light. Yes there is a nice rubber back to the Dot but I found it was easily moved by the power cord. The power cord incidentally is heavy duty and not as flexible as a standard usb cable and really dictates the position of where the Dot remains.

I wanted to put the Dot in a spot that wouldn’t be prone to dropping a far distance to the ground so I went looking for something to hang the Dot. Of course some other smart person came up with excellent solutions available that you can buy for about $10US to $30US which was just too much for me. So off I went to where everyone else goes to solve problems… Youtube! So many others came up with solutions from using pvc pipe to 3M Command Strips. My original thought was to use jar lids from peanut butter jars or coffee jars, but that meant I would have to buy the product and wait until I finished it before making a holder for the Dot. Next idea was to use some sort of wide rubber bands but I couldn’t find any strong enough to hold the Dot without dangerous sagging. Then the Aha! Moment! Tie wraps, cable ties, zip cords, zip ties or whatever they call them where you are. They are sturdy, really cheap and surprisingly easy to use for this application.

Here's my solution.

What you need:
- Echo Dot

- 4 x 12 inch tie wraps

- Scissors

Step 1: Basic Design

Basic Design
Basically you need to link three cables ties together. One goes around the Dot, one goes around the power block and the final tie links the Dot to the power block. If your tie wraps or zip ties are too short to go around the Dot, (my ties in the photos were 11 inches so just a bit short to go around the Dot so I simply joined 2 tie wraps to make it longer) See my sketch above.

Step 2: Wrap the Tie Wrap Loosely Around the Dot

As shown in my photo I had to join 2 tie wraps together because the tie wraps were only 11 inches long.

Step 3: Put the Tie Wrap Loosely Around the Power Block.

Step 4: Loop the Third Tie Wrap Through Both the Power Block Tie Wrap and the Echo Dot Tie Wrap

Step 5: Pull the Third Tie Wrap Tightly So It Brings the Power Block Tightly Against the Echo Do

Step 6: Add Another Tie Wrap to Wrap the Power Cord in a Circular Loop. Pull All the Tie Wraps Tightly and Trim Them Off.

Step 7: Plug the Echo Dot in a Wall Outlet.

No longer does your Echo Dot need to lie on a table or counter, just waiting to fall on the floor! Just plug it in the wall, in the kitchen, in the living room or anywhere you want and forget the cord clutter too!

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