Echo As Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil




About: Hi I'm Echo, a Boston Terrier. Most of you know me as HalloweenEcho the costume show dog. I've been dressing up for Halloween since 2006.

Echo is a 10 year old Boston Terrier that is pretty well known for her handmade costumes and has been all over the internet. This is her last year dressing up and competing so we wanted to wow her fans!

What better way then as Maleficent? Maleficent is hot this year and we really wanted to come up with something that no one has seen for a dog costume.

Her horns are crafted from bonsai wire and electrical tape. They then were inserted into the Maleficent headpiece. To secure the headpiece, there is a clip and elastic under her chin. The headpiece has batting inside for comfort.

Her costume is made of snakeskin denim and scaly suede with black satin accents. Her cape has a dual winged collar, a cord necktie and is trimmed in ribbon.

Her staff is a plastic tube colvered in snakeskin denim. the orb, a large marble is used. To create the decorative mount, some of the suede from her costume is cut into a diamond shape and attached with hot glue.

To create the eerie green glow of Maleficent's fireplace, a piece of neon green acrylic, backlit with part of a lamp was placed in our fireplace. Also, Maleficent can't be without her pet, raven!

Hope you enjoyed our last Halloween creation for Echo!

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