Echo the Scorpion

This is Echo! For Halloween she is dressed as a scary scorpion. She is no stranger to costumes, some of you might recall her as a walrus last year.

This year's costume is made of knit fabric, latex, stuffing, velcro, wire and a nylon strap.

First, measure. a lot. Her bodice is very stretchy to give a secure fit. The overall design of the bodice is similar to her Thunder Shirt. She is terrified of thunder, lightning, rain...actually a lot of things.

The neck of the knit bodice is secured with velcro, as is the portion that goes under her belly.

6 scorpion legs were sewn with a double needle to the knit fabric.

The claws and tail are stuffed and have hanger wire inside for shape and support.

We chose the color of the latex and knit fabric to coordinate and compliment Echo's natural brindle color.

The top of the scorpion back portion is attached to the neck of the bodice, and secured under her belly with a nylon strap.

Since setting makes an outfit really standout, we chose to photograph Echo on a dried out baseball diamond in mid Kansas. We thought it made the perfect desert.

Thanks for supporting Echo!



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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my GOODNESS, she's so adorable! (Oops, I meant SCARY!!) What a wonderful costume. She looks pretty content in it too!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Yay Echo! Glad to see you back! Would love to see more photos of the build. I'm currently trying to work on a dog costume. And I have neither experience nor dog to build from (it's for a distant friend), so I'm looking for every tip I can find.