Eco Friendly Baby Mobile - Plastic Free & Safe



Eco friendly baby mobile!

Plastic free/ totally safe for babies/ easy to make/ no need to buy any resources!

Step 1: What You Need!

Water color

Paper Tubes from toilet paper

Paint Brush

3 Hangers


Step 2: How to Make Paper Flowers!

I highly recommend using vivid colors to pain the paper tubes!

Step 3: How to Make Full Mobile - Using Hangers!

Step 4: Final! Ready to Go for Use!

Enjoy your eco friendly baby mobile!

Plastic free! / Safe & Easy to make



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    Although I love the look of this I would caution that this must be kept out of reach of babies. The hangers could be a choking hazard and the sharp end cause cuts or eye injuries. Again, I love the look but I would still leave a word of caution here.

    Nice. My kids always liked homemade projects better than anything from a store.