Eco- Friendly DIY Pop Tab Bracelet




In honor of earth day, I have come up with an Eco friendly bracelets made out of pop tabs. If you try this, show me a picture!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

1.) rexlace 2.) pop tabs (about 30-40) 3.) scissors.

Step 2:

Fold your lace down the middle to form a big loop. :)

Step 3:

Thread it through the holes on your tab.

Step 4:

Place another tab on top of the first one, and thread the lace through. Do this by poking the string the the small openings you will see on the inside part of the two tabs. This may sound confusing, but look at the picture closely. ;)

Step 5:

Place another tab underneath the second tab. Do the same threading method as step 4.

Step 6:

You may also do x's instead of the straight line thingies, or both if you want to be fancy. ;)

Step 7:

Do this as many times as you like.

Step 8:

Once you are done, you will need to tie it. To do this, just take the extra sting and poke it through the very first tab you placed. Pull, and tie. Enjoy your bracelet, and happy earth day!!!



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    5 years ago

    Thanks so much! A way to collect them quickly is ask anyone you know!! Have a great day too!!!

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to try this but collecting enough of these would take me forever! I love the design! thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!