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LABracadabra is a art, movement and sustainability experimental residency nestled in the coconut groves of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

We aim to provide a space to share, practice and develop knowledge for crafts, movement arts and sustainable living. Founded by three friends from different backgrounds, LABracadabra is a place for everyone and anyone to make magic.

We operate as a small artist residency but we also provide space, tools and materials to external makers and flowmies to let their creativity out and learn from the community.

We are jacks of all trades.

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We are doers who aspire grow towards sustainability on our journey to zero waste.

We collaborate to find, apply and share solutions.

We believe anything made with passion and dedication is art.

We reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle as an art of living.

We live in the jungle on an island, thus our resources are limited, which makes our makers adventures daily challenges ! The first step to reusing what we would otherwise discard is Eco processing : Trash only becomes a useful raw material if processed and stored correctly.

Our EcoProcessing instructable series aims to help you build efficient Eco habits. Hope you find it useful, don't hesitate to leave your input in the comments if you have any question or suggestion, we'd love to brainstorm with you !

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Plastic Bottle
Exacto Knife


Eco brick bin

Step 1: Consume Content

Step 2: Separate Materials

Cut off plastic wrapping, remove HDPE bottle ring using pliers as well as HDPE cap.

Step 3: Place the Different Materials in Their Respective Recycling Storage

The plastic label is usually made out of heat shrink PVC which cannot be recycled. It is important to remove it so your PET bottle can be recycled ( info on why here : )

At LABracadabra we keep them in our EcoBrick bin to be shredded and stuffed into PET bottles that will become bricks to build a house :)

The HDPE cap CAN be recycled into new plastic items, and also comes handy for DIY projects ! Check out your local trash handling system, there might even be a Precious Plastic production line near you!

Step 4: Upcycle !

HDPE is quite easy to melt and reuse in craft projects.

The PET bottle body can be upcycled into practical storage boxes and much more !



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