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Introduction: EcoFriendly Bear

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache

Why did i make a bear?

i have no idea

Step 1: The Cardboard

had the idea of making a big mask for a while, even asked my friends what should i do

So a took some cardboard strips , wet them with a sponge and start to make a shape, i dont°t know how to call it, rounded, spherical... cut a big strip for the neck, mark and cut it diagonal.

I didnt think it was going to work at all.

i mean,

I started wrapping with cardboard a bucket with a salad bowl on top

Adhered the strips with glue, tape and staples.

Step 2: See How It Look

The next day i look at myself in the mirror, and doesnt look so bad, so the making began

Step 3: Make It Harder

Took a thick paper bag, tear into strips and glue to the shape. I use my especial glue made with water and flour.

let it dry

Step 4: Shape It With Newspaper

Put several coats of newspaper with glue (paper mache)

Put two wires as ears, and a roll made with newspaper too.

Try it on, and mark the place where the mini window whould be, under the nose.

let it dry

Step 5: Add More Details

Make the shape more round with layers of newspaper (smooth the edges)

add some plastics bags for chin and neck fat.

Cover it all with layers and layers of paper

let it dry...

I liked how it looked made entirely of newspaper...

Step 6: Making It More Alive

Once it is dry, i draw some guide lines for the details like the nose and eyes.

Made some paper mache and shape the nose and ears, join them with PVA glue.

For the head, use PVA and papermache, did the texture with a carving tool

Put marbles as eyes, masking tape to hold on, and let it dry for the night.. next day keep adding paper mache round the marbles, use the carving tool for textures and shape.

Step 7: Let It Dry... Like for a Week

Thats the most boring thing about paper mache... it has to be let dry for a long time.


its worth it

Wear it as you want

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This is great work! I love your masks. Make them forever. Perhaps someday we can battle our masks against each other!

He's so cute and very well sculpted.

This is so awesome! Love the expression

Wow..That's so cool.Im about to try one myself,but not a bear.Im going to make one look like a real person.Thanks for the tips,you did Great.

This cracked me up and amazed me!! What a joyful project. I would like to see your giraffe, or s penguin! Thanks.

Very good work.

Amazing. You're incredibly talented

so cute bear but can you see through this mask...

I like your ecofriendly bear very much, voted for you!

Nice work the fur detail looks great expeshaly for for paper mache. When I first saw it I thought you might have used might have used a fur cloth. Good luck with the contest.

Really nice job

How did you make the stuff in step 6 please - is it PVA and a commercial product or did you make it? Wonderful work!

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Its paper mache, schreder news paper with pva and paste (water and flour) also a little powder cast. I did the mix on other proyects and shared the steps.

Can't stop smiling back at 'him?' LOL This is my second favourite piece of yours, I still love 'DEER FRIEND' the best. Both awesome!

I love it....I don't know why but I love it. Plus using loads of otherwise discarded materials is always good, you have my vote!


1 year ago

You, my dear, are a wonderfully talented artist, in my opinion. (And my opinion, coming as it does from an extremely critical person, is very valuable!)


1 year ago

in step 6 whats the gray stuff too make the nose and the fur?

This is awesome!